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Swanton Township Special Notices 2024
This page will contain current information that is important to the residents in Swanton Township. Please check back frequently to see if anything new has been posted for the month.


Swanton Township Fire and Rescue Service
The Swanton Township Board of Trustees is excited to announce their partnership with the Village of Whitehouse and Springfield Township to provide fire and rescue services for all of Swanton Township.

Please call one of your elected officials for further details at 419-826-9730.
Swanton Township partners with the 180th Fighter Wing and the Village of Whitehouse for Fire and Rescue Service
The Swanton Township Board of Trustees announces an Automatic Mutual Aid partnership with the 180th Fighter Wing and the Village of Whitehouse to provide fire and rescue services for Swanton Township.

Click the links below for the news articles on the signing of the Automatic Mutual Aid Agreement with 180th Fighter Wing

Ohio Department of Transportation Contact Information
Download Information
Ohio Department of Transportation Letter State Route 295 and Airport Highway March 26, 2013 Public Meeting
Click the link below to see the Minutes from December 9, 2002 when a letter from ODOT was received that stated based on a traffic study, ODOT will install a traffic signal at the intersection of State Route 295 and Airport highway.
NOTICE - Swanton Township
Swanton Township is seeking good people to serve on both the Zoning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA). The Zoning Commission meets once a month and they are charged with the responsibility of acting on requests for changes to zoning classifications, changes to the text of our resolution and recommending action to the Board of Trustees. They also act on site plan submissions. In contrast, the BZA meets 4 times per year and more if hearings are requested. BZA members hear all zoning appeals that may arise and determine the outcome. Knowledge of the township zoning resolution is required but can be obtained on the job. This is a great way to be involved without a big time-commitment. Applicants should send a letter of intent to Swanton Township Trustees C/O Swanton Township Fiscal Officer, 13410 Airport Highway, Swanton, Ohio 43558.
**We will keep your letter on file if there are no current openings.
Swanton Township Local Weather
New Feature Added: As a service to our residents, we have added local weather information to our website.We hope you find it useful! You may also find this info on Residential Notices.

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Do You Have an idea or suggestion for our township to consider? Are there some things that need improvement? Are there things we do really well? We want and need to hear from our residents! Give us a call at the Township Hall - or please see our Contact Info page for other phone numbers and email addresses you may use to let us know how things are going.

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