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The Trustees would like to thank you for viewing our Township website. We hope you find this site interesting and useful. Please visit often!

Gary Schroeder ~ Chairman
Gary and his wife Lori have lived in Swanton Township since 1997. They returned to Northwest Ohio after living in the Chicago area where Gary worked as a marketing and sales manager for a large national corporation.

Throughout his career, Gary has been active in various civic and professional organizations.

Gary volunteers 3 days a week at the Toledo Zoo and has served as registrar, Vice President and President of the ZooEd Volunteer organization. In 2011 he was named ZooEd Volunteer of the Year.
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Jeff Michael ~ Vice Chairman

Jeff has been chosen by his fellow Trustees to be Chairman 4 times and Vice-Chairman 3 times in his 7 years as a Swanton Township Trustee. During his term Jeff has brought fiscal responsibility through stopping excessive spending and controlling expenditures while increasing services such as increased refuse pickups, yard waste drop-off, and once a month bulk item pickup. With Jeff’s leadership the Toledo Express Airport Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) was completed, over $1,000,000 of road projects have been approved, and Swanton Township now has 24x7 Fire and Rescue coverage including Automatic Response Agreements with the Village of Whitehouse Fire Department, 180th Fighter Wing Fire Department, Spencer Township Fire Department, and Richfield Township Fire Department. Jeff represents Swanton Township on the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department District Advisory Committee serving as President for 2 years and is a director on the Toledo Express Airport Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) Board of Directors.

Prior to being a Trustee Jeff served 4 years on the Swanton Local School District Board of Education, serving as President and Vice-President. Jeff introduced and led the effort to reduce the Swanton Local Schools Income Tax Levy from 1.25% to .75% while leaving the District over $8 million in carryover.

Jeff also served on the Swanton Township Zoning Commission and as Interim Zoning Inspector.

Jeff earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business from The Defiance College and his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the Bowling Green State University.

Jeff’s promise to the residents is to be a watchdog of your tax dollars and ensure Swanton Township remains a rural and safe place to live.

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Cindy Burkey - Trustee
Cynthia Burkey is serving her second term as a Swanton Township trustee, and second time as Chairman. She has been Vice Chair multiple times.

Cindy created the first Swanton Township website and was first to have trustee meetings digitally recorded and posted online with minutes and other pertinent information for residents. This was her first accomplishment in bringing transparency to the Township, several years before she was elected to office. She continues to do all she can to keep our township government transparent to its residents.

She previously worked in Personnel/Benefits at The Andersons for over 23+ years, and saved the Company many thousands of dollars annually by cutting waste and working smarter.

She also served on the Swanton Local School District Board of Education where she served as Vice President. Some of her accomplishments while there include instituting digital recordings of school board meetings for podcasting on the district website, creating a school district blog for residents, raising academic standards for extra-curricular participation, implementing costcutting measures, reducing the income tax level to residents, and leaving the district with an $8+ million carryover.

Cindy is a member of Fulton Union Christian Church, has been its secretary/treasurer for over a decade, and has played the piano for services there for 30+ years. She was the State Editor of the newsletter for Gideons in Ohio for many years, and served as the treasurer for a 501(c)3 organization in Toledo for several years as well.

In her second term, she will continue to bring her personal integrity, experience, fiscal expertise, and professionalism to the township.
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Peggy Michael - Fiscal Officer
Peggy has owned her own business for over 25 years has brought financial and negotiating expertise to the Township. She negotiated the refuse pickup contract for Swanton Township residents which brought 2 free pickups per month and residents can choose to have pickup for the other 2 weeks at a very affordable rate. This negotiation also allowed the Township to have a Spring and Fall Clean-up at no additional cost to the residents. Peggy also negotiated the contract with Ohio Compost which allows the residents to drop off yard waste at no cost and receive a 10% discount on products purchased.

Peggy has saved the Township thousands of dollars by negotiating other contracts and she continues to commit to help make State Route 295 and Airport Highway a safer road by attempting to work with ODOT to put a traffic signal at the intersection as promised by ODOT in 2002 or returning it to a four lane highway and adding dedicated turn lanes.

This is Peggy’s second term of bringing professionalism and dedication to the Fiscal Officer position and will continue to work hard for the residents of Swanton Township. She is also an avid animal lover and a member of several animal rescue and non-profit organizations.

Peggy loves to hear from the residents, please call her anytime.
Phone (419) 825-7292

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