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Zoning Commission

The members of the Zoning Commission meet at the Township Hall. The Commissioners are non-elected officials who serve staggered five-year terms and are residents of the Swanton Township community..
Commissioners are charged with the responsibility of acting on requests for changes to zoning classifications, changes to the text of our resolution and recommending action to the Board of Trustees. They also act on site plan submissions.

Zoning Commission
Roger Thompson
Vice Chairperson
(term expires 4-10-2022)
Kyle McPherson
(term expires
Mike Nowicki
(term expires 4-10-2025)
Mona Weiss
(term expires 4-10-2026)

Board of Zoning Appeals
Along with the five-member Zoning Commission, the Township Board of Trustees appoints local residents to serve on the five-member Board of Zoning Appeals to fulfill the Ohio Revised Code statutory requirements of township zoning. The members of the Board of Zoning Appeals meet at the Township Hall (meeting dates and times are on the Monthly Calendar).
The Board of Zoning Appeals has the power to grant exceptions to the Township Zoning Resolution in the following instances: non-conforming uses, variances, temporary structures, modification of parking spaces, and interpretation of the resolution.

Board of Zoning Appeals
Kim Middleton
Member  (term expires 6-3-2023)
Ron Oberhaus
Member  (term expires 6/3/2024)
Lori Schroeder
Member (term expires 6/3/2025)
Member  (term expires 6-3-2026)
Liz Thurman
Member  (term expires 6-3-2022)

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